Box control- IP54

Boxes connecting terminal type KS (hereinafter box) manufactured in accordance with GOST Designed for connecting and branching cables with copper and aluminum conductors in electrical circuits, control, monitoring and alarm systems, process automation.
Climatic performance and climatic placement of boxes COP according to GOST 15150-69 for climate U2.
Connection cross section of wires and cables (standard) 0,35-4 Each terminal can be connected to two lived at the same time.
The basic parameters and dimensions
The standard box COP-20 has 20 pairs of terminals, rated current is 25A clamps, operating voltage AC 0.5 – 660V, DC 0,5-440V, current frequency 50-60Hz.
A box body made of metal thickness 1.2mm. The housing has 2 holes with a diameter of 20mm, 25mm 2 holes and 2 holes 32mm.
In the above holes installed seals drift diameter 6-12mm, 8-16mm and 12-22mm respectively.
The lid has a rubber seal and is mounted on four threaded screw size M6.
Ingress Protection IP54 box
Overall dimensions of the box KS-20 are as follows:
– 270h170h100 mm – without mounting brackets and seals
– 300h270h110 mm – given the mounting brackets and seals
Weight – 2.0 kg.
Year 1989

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